Caring for the environment


When designing this year's Poznań Christmas Market, we kept in mind the natural environment and the health of our guests, exhibitors and employees. All activities of the MTP Group carried out at the Poznań International Fair, related to the organization of the Fair, take into account the principles of sustainable development, including the extremely important climate risk. By cooperating with subcontractors, we already take into account activities aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the environment.

For the MTP Group, 2022 is the beginning of the road to strategic changes and analyzing emissions resulting from its activities, as well as the participation of various groups of recipients in trade fair events organized at the Poznań International Fair. Therefore, when organizing the Poznań Christmas Fair, we took the following actions:

  • All low-voltage decorations are environmentally friendly

The entire illumination of the Fair is over 43,000 LED lamps. This lighting is environmentally friendly. LED diodes use up to 90% less energy compared to traditional light bulbs and are characterized by a longer life. The use of LED technology contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The use of low voltage 36V in illuminations is especially important for safety. Especially the youngest who love to touch everything.

  • Modern solutions based on the technology of eco-LEDs in accordance with energy standards

LED lighting requires 9 times less electricity than traditional light bulbs. Illumination based on eco-LED diodes is up to 20% more economical than LED lamps that can be found in ordinary supermarkets, where Christmas lights for the home are most often bought.

  • The demand for electricity needed to power 1 h of the Fair is comparable to the amount of energy consumed for the operation of one heating plate (7 kW / h)

Energy-saving illumination of the Fair = savings of electricity for visitors to the Fair. The longer they spend time with their family at the Fair, the greater the savings from not using electricity in their homes. 7kW is the electricity requirement for all Christmas decorations within 1 hour.

  • Energy-saving use of light illuminations

We control and limit the amount of energy used - during the day we limit the lighting to the maximum, in the evening we partially dim it, and after the fair is closed, the illuminations are turned off.

  • Original concept - we give a second life to illuminations and the components that create them

Multidekor, as a Nature-Friendly Company, approaches the environment with responsibility at every stage of production, especially in the process of using aluminum, they are based on a closed circuit. That is why 80% of the lighting used in the project was previously used in other projects, and 100% of the aluminum used for the construction of the Christmas market installations was previously the basis for the construction of completely different decorative elements.

  • Waste segregation at the Poznań Christmas Market

We want our guests to be able to take care of the environment together with us, which is why we have planned to arrange litter bins with mandatory waste segregation at the Fair.

  • Paper plates and cups in eateries

Together with our Exhibitors, we made sure that plastic packaging did not appear at the Fair. All Exhibitors use paper packaging for take-away food.

  • We support the initiative "With your own cup"

Possibility to purchase a hot drink (coffee, tea) at selected stands with a discount of PLN 1 when you come to the Fair with your own mug.

  • Eco trip to the Christmas Market

We encourage you to use environmentally friendly means of transport, such as public transport, bicycle, scooter. If you plan to visit us by car, be sure to invite - in the form of car sharing - your family and friends and park in a comfortable underground car park at the Poznań International Fair!