Strategic Partner - Enea


Enea is the Strategic Partner of the Poznań Christmas Market.

The Enea Group is one of the largest energy concerns in Poland, co-responsible for the country's energy security. Enea supplies energy to over 2.7 million customers. The company implements the Development Strategy, which assumes the "Green change of Enea", i.e. a sustainable transformation of the Group building the growth of value, assuming a long-term goal - achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Enea plans to achieve this goal thanks to the dynamic development of renewable energy sources. The company's specialization will be energy storage, as a key technology to ensure the stability of RES. In the initial phase of the road to climate neutrality, in order to maintain energy security, the company wants to use gas as a low-emission transition fuel. Investments in this area will be limited to replacement of a part of the capacity based on the existing infrastructure. Conventional, low-emission sources will stabilize the developing RES.